New publication about Iron Age Gold!

SCHWAB R. et al. 2018 – Early Iron Age Gold in Celtic Europe: Society, Technology and Archaeometry

SCHWAB R., MILCENT P.-Y., ARMBRUSTER A., PERNICKA E. (eds) – Early Iron Age Gold in Celtic Europe: Society, Technology and Archaeometry, Proceedings of the International Congress held in Toulouse, France, 11-14 March 2015, Forschungen zur Archäometrie und Altertumswissenschaft, 6, 1, Rahden/Westf.: Leidorf, 2018, 445 p.

We are glad to announce the brand new publication of the work from the previous WEST HALLSTATT GOLD project and the international conference “Early Iron Age Gold in Celtic Europe. Society, Technology and Archaeometry”, held in Toulouse in March 2015.

These conference proceedings contain a foreword with an introduction and 19 papers. The contributions deal with 150 years of research, the gold of the Hallstatt Culture, gold finds in the National Museum at Saint-Germain-en-Laye, material sciences applied to West Hallstatt gold, typology, technology, and analyses of Hallstatt gold in France and Western Switzerland, technology and material analyses of Hallstatt gold from South-West Germany, annular gold ornaments and their decoration, the jewellery from Lazenay, Early La Tène art and Mediterranean iconography, golden rings and earrings from Alsace, gold from Western Swiss graves such as Payerne, technology, chronology, and social meaning of Iron Age gold in North-Western Iberia, Iron Age gold workshops in South-West Iberia, e. g. at Vaiamonte, Iron Age gold on the Eastern Iberian Peninsula, the hoard of gold discs from Fortios in Portugal, Iron Age gold in Belgium and the Southern Netherlands as well as in Britain, the hoard of gold torques from Blair Drummond and its significance for regional styles and international connections in the Later Iron Age, and with Villanovan fibulae in bronze, gold, bone and amber.

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