EAA 2018 in Barcelona

It was in February 2018, when we started to promote our Session “Precious materials and fine metal work in the European Iron Age – function, aesthetic, and technology” at the EAA 2018 in Barcelona.

Fortunately, many colleagues joined us with exciting topics:

  • Karina Grömer (Natural History Museum Vienna, Prehistoric Department): Textiles as prestige goods in Central Europe 800-400 BC.
  • Joёlle Rolland (UMR 8215 Trajectoires; UMR 5060 IRAMat/Ceb): The glitter of glass: using production systems to approach the value of goods.
  • Moa Råhlander (Stockholm University): Value of Beads. Synthetic Jewels, Trinkets or Talismans?
  • Joseph Kovacik (Eveha etudes archeologiques) / Sabrina Save (Amelie SARL) / Anne Filippini / Antoine Mamie / Marion Bernard (Eveha etudes archeologiques): Looking good dead. PXRF analysis at the assemblage level and the ephemeral nature of some copper alloy burial goods.
  • Xose-Lois Armada / Oscar Garcia-Vuelta (Institute of Heritage Sciences, Spanish National Research Council, Incipit – CSIC) / Simona Scrivano (Departamento de Fisica Atomica Molecular y Nuclear, University of Seville; Centro Nacional de Aceleradores – CNA): New perspectives on the technology and function of Iron Age goldwork: the Recouso treasure (NW Iberian peninsula).

And of course some colleagues of our project participated as well, talking not only about gold:

  • Barbara Armbruster: Technological studies of iron age gold work decoration.
  • Marilou Nordez: La Tène gold torcs (Vth – Ist c. BC). Evolution of morphology, representation and ways of wearing.
  • Roland Schwab / Andrea Babbi (RGZM) / Ernst Pernicka, (CEZA): The coming of silver to the Iron Age: first archaeometallurgical impressions from italy.
  • Sebastian Fürst: Luxury for the Masses – Red corals as an indicator for intercultural connections and social dynamics.
© Universitat de Barcelona


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the speakers for their exciting insights into their research , and the numerous listeners for their interest and the lively discussions. It was a very nice and instructive morning.

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