Full house at the Glauberg

Although the temperatures were almost 40° C, the auditorium of the Keltenwelt am Glauberg museum was filled to capacity on the 25th of July, when our project coordinators Barbara Armbruster and Roland Schwab reported on “New research on the goldsmith-art of the Celts”.

In their one-hour lecture, Roland Schwab first explained the objectives and the methods of investigation of our project. He then illustrated the research potential of analysing the gold composition by showing first findings. In the second part of the lecture, Barbara Armbruster explained the technical skills of Celtic goldsmiths. In this context, she displayed the typological development and the spatial distribution of the Celtic torques, which played a pivotal role in Celtic society for about half a millennium.

Barbara Armbruster during her lecture at the Glauberg. – Photo: S. Fürst
Part of the audience at the Glauberg during the Celtic Gold lecture. – Photo: S. Fürst

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