A wealth of rings

Bern Historisches Museum – Celtic gold and silver objects study
(25th to 30th of August 2019)

View of Bern – photo M. Nordez


Finger rings from Münsingen, Spiez, Muri and earring from Worb-Richigen (left to right) © Bernisches Historisches Museum – photo B. Armbruster

We (Barbara Armbruster, Marilou Nordez & Sebastian Fürst) spent a week at the Bern Historisches Museum to study their wonderful gold and silver collections. In particular, this was an opportunity to examine and document precious metal artefacts from the Late Iron Age necropolises of Münsingen “Rain”, Muri “Mettlen”, Oberhofen “Schönörtli/Örtliboden” and Stettlen-Deisswil.


“Schaukelfingerringe” from Münsingen and Worb-Richigen © Bernisches Historisches Museum – photo B. Armbruster

We saw a large quantity of finger rings of very different morphologies and technologies, in particular a large quantity of gold and silver Schaukelfingerringe (saddle-shaped finger rings). Compared to other geographical areas, an astonishing amount of silver was used for the production of ornaments in this region of Switzerland.


Claudia (BHM) and Sebastian using the Keyence digital microscope – © photo M. Nordez

We were welcomed under excellent study conditions in order to carry out detailed recording in our database, the measurements, the photographic documentation and using a Keyence microscope. This is an excellent optical instrument for microscopic imaging that allows a high depth of field. We achieve high-resolution microphotographs and can realize precise measurements.

Some of the 70 objects studied during this research stay… – © photo M. Nordez



We would like to thank the Bern Historisches Museum, Sabine Bolliger, Claudia Wymann, Maike Piecuch & Jana Glur for their warm welcome!

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