11.-22.02.2019, Analyses session Mannheim – Even more rings!

Aschaffenburg, Dalbergstraße, saddle-shaped finger ring; Photo: B. Armbruster.

After having already examined many small earrings at the end of 2018, we continued in a similar fashion in 2019. This time we were able to examine the earrings from the Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Hessen (State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments of Hesse) in Wiesbaden. Hesse truly appears to become the land of Celtic gold earrings (apart from Worms-Herrnsheim).

Among the other find there was an unusual saddle-shaped finger ring, which is made of two twisted wires with a square cross-section. It originates from a settlement layer in the city centre of Aschaffenburg in Lower Franconia.

Another highlight of this analyses session was the examination of the remains of the drinking horn fitting from Groß-Rohrheim and the likewise extraordinary finger ring from Trebur.

Drinking horn fitting from Groß-Rohrheim; Photo: B. Armbruster.

Finger ring from Trebur; Photo: B. Armbruster.



The two pieces were kindly brought to us by Dr. Thomas Foerster and Mr. Gottfried Kleiner of the Hessisches Landesmuseum in Darmstadt. They took the opportunity to get an insight into our work. Thanks to Dr. Foerster’s photographic documentation, our work steps can be easily followed:

Step 1: Optical examination with a binocular.

Step 2: Photographic documentation.

Step 3: Microscopic investigation.

Step 4: X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF).

Step 5: Scanning electron microscope (SEM) investigation.


Step 6: Discussion of the results. In this picture (left to right): Nicole Lockhoff, Barbara Armbruster, Sebastian Fürst, Roland Schwab, Gottfried Kleiner.

We thank Dr Foerster of the Hessisches Landesmusem Darmstadt for the illustrative photo documentation.


List of all find spots that have been analysed during this session:

  • Aschaffenburg, Museum der Stadt
    • Aschaffenburg, Dalbergstraße
  • Darmstadt, Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt
    • Groß-Rohrheim
    • Trebur
  • Freiburg, Archäologische Museum Colombischlössle
    • Freiburg-Tiengen, grave 12
    • Ihringen „Nachtwaid“, tum. 1, grave 2
    • Ihringen „Nachtwaid“, tum. 6, grave 4
    • Kirchzarten-Zarten “Tarodunum”
  • Mannheim, Arch. Denkmalpflege an den Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen
    • Ilvesheim, female burial of 2002
    • Ilvesheim, male burial of 2006
  • Speyer, Historisches Museum der Pfalz
    • Lustadt-Niederlustadt Gr. 2
  • Wiesbaden, Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Hessen
    • Ober-Erlenbach, „Am Hühnerstein“
    • Bad Nauheim
    • Erlensee-Langendiebach
    • Nidderau

We sincerely thank all contributors for their kind and generous support!

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