Author: Marilou Nordez


A wealth of rings

Bern Historisches Museum – Celtic gold and silver objects study (25th to 30th of August 2019) We (Barbara Armbruster, Marilou Nordez & Sebastian Fürst) spent a week at the Bern Historisches Museum to study...


September 2018

Torc from Lasgraïsses (Tarn) A complex closing system This torc with “efflorescences” comes from Lasgraïsses (Tarn), in South-Western France. With a gold armlet, they were deposited in hoard during the third century BC. Discovered...


New publication about Iron Age Gold!

SCHWAB R. et al. 2018 – Early Iron Age Gold in Celtic Europe: Society, Technology and Archaeometry SCHWAB R., MILCENT P.-Y., ARMBRUSTER A., PERNICKA E. (eds) – Early Iron Age Gold in Celtic Europe: Society, Technology and Archaeometry, Proceedings...

Grouville’s hoard (Jersey) 0

Grouville’s hoard (Jersey)

A spectacular hoard was found on Jersey, which contained more than 70.000 coins with gold and silver ornaments (torcs, finger rings). There is some great pictures following these links : Archaeologists in Jersey...

First meeting 0

First meeting

Our first meeting took place in the Musée d’Archéologie Nationale (Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France) from 21 to 22 September 2017, with almost all project members (see photo below).

Celtic gold 0

Celtic gold

The CELTIC GOLD project aims to renew the perception of Western La Tène culture (half Vth to Ist century BC) from the study of production and consumption of golden objects. This concerns a wide...

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