The conference will be broadcasted live on YouTube under the following links:

Day 1 (12th May), 13:45 h

Day 2 (13th May), 9:00 h

Day 3 (14th May), 9:00 h



Thursday, May 12th 2022

12:00    Registration

13:45    Welcoming addresses


Session Craft – Chair: R. Schwab

14:00    B. Armbruster / M. Blet-Lemarquand / N. Lockhoff / R. Schwab: The art of the Celtic goldsmith

14:40    S. Simon: Granulation in Iron Age Europe: Finds and experiments

15:00    T. Machling / R. Williamson: New research on Iron Age Gold torcs from the United Kingdom: a Craft Perspective (virtual presentation)

15:30    Coffee break


Session Archaeometry – Chair: S. Nieto-Pelletier

16:00    R. Schwab / N. Lockhoff / M. Blet-Lemarquand / S. Nieto-Pelletier / M. Numrich: Archaeometry applied to CELTIC GOLD – methodology and results

16:30    M. Blet-Lemarquand / N. Lockhoff / S. Nieto-Pelletier: Pure and fine, but refined? Continental Western Europe Iron Age gold artefacts

17:00     N. Lockhoff / S. Fürst / M. Blet-Lemarquand / B. Armbruster: Transition of Ha D3 to Lt A in the Upper Rhine valley. Archaeometric and typological perspectives

17:30     E. Millet / B. Dubuis / B. Armbruster / M. Blet-Lemarquand: Gold and silver in the Lavau burial (option of virtual presentation)

19:00     Public evening lecture at the Museum für Antike Schifffahrt

             B. Armbruster / R. Schwab: Celtic Gold – ein deutsch-französisches Projekt (slides in English)

             Followed by a wine reception


Friday, May 13th 2022

Session Typology – Chair: M.Nordez

9:00    S. Fürst / M. Nordez / B. Armbruster / N. Lockhoff / M. Blet-Lemarquand / M. Schönfelder / P.-Y. Milcent: The rings in the shadows: Small annular gold ornaments of the Late Iron Age

9:30    P.-Y. Milcent / B. Armbruster / M. Blet-Lemarquand / S. Fürst / N. Lockhoff / S. Nieto-Pelletier / M. Nordez / L. Olivier / M. Schönfelder / R. Schwab / S. Sievers: The lords of the rings. Latenian gold neck and arm rings in Western Continental Europe

10:00    F. Hunter: A long-term perspective on the torcs of Britain and Ireland

10:30    Coffee break


Session Gold Hoarding – Chair: S. Sievers

11:00    A. Fitzpatrick / B. Armbruster / O. Finch / Ph. de Jersey / M. Blet-Lemarquand / N. Mahrer / M. Nordez / S. Nieto-Pelletier: The Le Catillon 2, Jersey, Channel Islands hoard

11:30    M. Nordez / P.-Y. Milcent / S. Nieto-Pelletier / S. Fürst / M. Blet-Lemarquand / N. Lockhoff: Hoarding gold during Late Iron Age in Western Continental Europe

12:00    S. Nieto-Pelletier / M. Blet-Lemarquand / M. Nordez / P.-Y. Milcent / S. Fürst: Crossed views on the economy of gold metal in Gaul, 3rd-1st c. BC: Coins vs jewellery

12:30-14:00 Lunch Break


Session Early La Tène Gold 1 – Chair: P.-Y. Milcent

14:00       L. Olivier / N. Ginoux: From Geometry to Space Projection – Some basic principles of Latenian Celtic art

14:30       E. Warmenbol / B. Armbruster: The “Fürstengrab” from Eigenbilzen (Limburg, Belgium). An old find, a new examination

15:00     M. Trefný / J. Doležalová / M. Cihla: Gold in Bohemia during the Early Iron Age (Ha C-LT A).

15:30    Coffee break


Session Early La Tène Gold 2 – Chair: S. Fürst

16:00    H. Wendling: Gold at Iron Age Dürrnberg – Diachronic analysis of the economic, cultural and social impact of a precious metal

16:30    Th. Stöllner: Early LaTène gold: Signs of social power and identity

17:00    M. Schönfelder: La Tène B2-C1: Elite without gold? Gold without elite? A status report on some fringes of the CELTIC GOLD project


20:00    Speakers’ dinner “Rote Kopf”


Saturday, May 14th 2022

Session Gold in the East and in the North – Chair: M. Schönfelder

9:00       A. Rustoiu / M. Egri: Celtic and Dacian gold in the eastern Carpathian basin (4th BC – 1st century AD). Dynamics of consumption patterns (virtual presentation)

9:30       J. Schuster: Rare but everywhere ‒ Gold and silver in Germanic societies around the birth of Christ 

10:00     J. Farley / J. Joy: The Hoards from Snettisham (Norfolk, UK) in their European context (virtual presentation)

10:30    Coffee break


Session Gold in the West and in the South – Chair: B. Armbruster

11:00    X.-L. Armada / Ó. García-Vuelta/ S. Scrivano: New contributions to the study of Northwestern Iberian peninsula Iron Age gold earrings

11:30    D. Hack: (No) influences from the southern neighbours? A side glance at the goldsmithing art of the Etruscans

12:00    Virtual Poster session (10 min each):

  1. J. John: Gold from the Late La Tène Settlement of Olšovice (okr. Prachatice, South Bohemia)
  2. G. Stegmaier: Traces of Gold – Symbols of Time: Sacrificial, socio-economic and technological aspects of Late La Tène gold and gold objects from Central and Western Europe

12:30-14:00 Lunch Break


Session Gold and Value – Chair: L. Olivier

14:00    S. Sievers: The social background of the creation of value

14:30    J. Creighton: From objects of adornment to concealed wealth – the adoption of coin


15:00    Discussion and closing

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