The CELTIC GOLD project

The CELTIC GOLD project aims to renew the perception of the Western La Tène culture (mid 5th to 1st century BC) through the study of production and consumption of golden objects. This concerns a wide geographic area, namely Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands and Switzerland, and involves a large variety of economic, social, technological and artistic aspects.

By this blog, we want to highlight our researches, both methodological approaches (conduct of fin metal work objects, experimentations) and main results of this Franco-German program in Social and Human Sciences (FRAL), supported by both ANR (Agence nationale de la recherche) and DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

We hope that you will find every information that you are looking for about these topics.

Our team :


Barbara ARMBRUSTER (Research director ; CNRS – UMR 5608 TRACES, Toulouse) –

Roland SCHWAB (Deputy director ; CEZ Archäometrie, Mannheim) –

Project members

Maryse BLET-LEMARQUAND (Research engineer ; CNRS – CEB-IRAMAT, Orléans) –

Sebastian FÜRST (Research assistant ; CEZ Archäometrie, Mannheim) –

Nicole LOCKOFF (Research assistant ; CEZ Archäometrie, Mannheim) –

Pierre-Yves MILCENT (Senior lecturer ; University of Toulouse-Jean Jaurès – UMR 5608 TRACES, Toulouse) –

Sylvia NIETO-PELLETIER (Research fellow ; CNRS – IRAMAT, Orléans) –

Marilou NORDEZ (Post-doctoral researcher ; CNRS – UMR 5608 TRACES, Toulouse) –

Laurent OLIVIER (Curator ; MAN, Saint-Germain-en-Laye) –

Martin SCHÖNFELDER (Researcher ; RGZM, Mainz) –

Susanne SIEVERS (Professor ; University of Frankfurt) –